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WELCOME BACK! The second chapter of Key to the Future’s Fate takes us to some brand new territory: Velvinn. This area had its name inspired by a planet from Ratchet and Clank, though this one has very little to do with its namesake. Velvinn is a solarpunk city, part of which is a MASSIVE forest…… Continue reading Page 117

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Chapter 2 starts directly after the end of Chapter 1! Luca and Leon are heading through the same room where Trinity intended to tell Leon about Foundation A. Time to go to a boring historical museum to learn more! … Yay? (Also, while it’s intentionally very subtle, I added a paper texture overlay to this… Continue reading Page 118

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In case you missed out or forgot from earlier, those black pillars? They’re keystones. They’re placed around so people without specific implants to interact with holo-tech can use stuff like Orb-Its as well. Trinity and Luca both have these implants, which are really just a thin membrane sheet that can be harmlessly placed on the… Continue reading Page 121