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Yeah, it sure is a shame that Leon and Luca can’t go to the Spring Fair instead. That sure sounds way more interesting than a dusty old museum. God, I bet that’d be a fun place to explore. Oh well. Guess Leon will just have to make due with whatever snacks they have at the museum.

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Near the upper parts of buildings (like, the REALLY tall ones), people frequently build openings for Orb-Its and smaller ships to fly through. It’s very common for there to be paintings or other scenic things to be hidden within them for those flying by.

Also noteworthy that we finally get a good look at here is the floating “mini-islands” that populate cities. They’re popular spots to rest and sight-see.

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I promise to keep my gushing about the world to a minimum going into chapter 2 and beyond, there are just a handful of minor things I’ve gotta sprinkle in. Is this kind of system actually practical? Heck if I know, that’s up to scientist and engineer types to figure out! Make it happen, smart people!

Also lineless designs are really fun. I’ve been considering making my next big comic project (or at least SOME project) lineless. I suppose we’ll have to see~

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It’s funny, I spend SOOOO much time on the perspective and setup of the last page, but I almost feel more impressed with this first panel view of Leon looking down. Art, man.

I’m thinking that I’m gonna stick with having the dialogue balloons match the base color of characters. At least up until that ends up biting me in the butt or whatever. I like the effect. I’m such a sucker for anything that adds an extra splash of color.

Oh, that little tan alien down in the crowd looks different…